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ZOZO was a fashion-tech brand found by ZOZO Inc., a listed Japanese company that operates Japan‘s largest fashion e-commerce platform ZOZOTOWN. Its brand ZOZO was launched in the summer of 2018 and was distributed via its own online shop. 

I was able to be a part of this project from the beginning. My responsibility was to bring the European perspective to the brand. As a lead person for strategic positioning and creative direction, I was creating with the team content for all different kinds of customers and consumer touch points online and offline as well as PR materials. I was also in the leading position for the product photography and editorial content. From the beginning I was responsible for all European PR activities. 

Together with Chiat / TBWA in LA, our American team and the HQ team in Japan I developed the brand identity and guideline, including look and feel and tone of voice.

Unfortunately, the brand was discontinued after not even a year being online, due to a shift of plans of the famous founder Yusaku Maezawa. Yahoo Japan Corp, took over Zozo Inc. with other plans than chasing the founder's dream to globally revolutionize the fashion industry, since the technology was not working as expected.  

act 2 the ZOZOSUIT

ZOZO was founded as a global brand. The logo is based on the deep mission of the brand. All people, despite of their different heritage, color and size, have the same values and rights. This is why the logo consists of four different shapes with different colors, which still have the same size of surface. So ZOZO wanted to give all people on the world the equal possibility to buy clothes that fits their unique shape. 
The claim attached to the logo and brand:

Be Unique. Be Equal. 

To create an international, even global brand we had not just to design packaging that fitted the brand but do fittings with hundreds of people in our key markets. We launched in 72 countries on the same day.   



The ZOZOSUIT worked as easily as 1. measure, 2. order and 3. look your best! Consumers were able to spin the little 3D model on their phone display. Over 1 Mio. customers in 2018 and 2019 were able to see their body as a 3D model which they could spin, a way they never could before. 


As this brand was a brand new we had to produce image material on all levels. 

The style compositions were done by Maja and Max in Berlin. All people content was shot in LA by Chris and was retouched in Hamburg by Tanja

Thais transformed all these images in online content for the website, that made it all the way to be even online in Japan.



ZOZO was covered on TV 3 times and 11 times on Radio. Galileo even visited us in our showroom in Berlin.

ZOZO gained 18.000 followers on instagram. #zozosuit was used over 26.000 times and 43 unpaid videos on YouTube were published.

In just six month we organized three press dinners with over 60 journalists, one consumer event, a gifting and sponsored an award dinner. Marika supported us in France where press loved us, despite not having a french site.

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