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At zLables we were a small team of brand managers. We developed brands and labels for the Zalando shop. We created many brands and developed a 12 weeks process that leads from an idea, to a ready registered brand with complete CI. In my time at zLabels I created brands, brand guidelines, brand campaigns and product frames. Below you see the brands that I was responsible for creating from idea to launch. Some of these brands still exist, others were washed away by time, integrated into others or replaced by retail brands. 



kiomi logo.png

In 2013 Zalando wanted to create an own modern classics fashion brand with an own online shop. The online shop closed and the Kiomi Logo got an update in 2016. Kiomi is still available on Zalando today.  

act 2 the ZOZOSUIT

In 2011 Zalando was in the need for a shoe brand for the french market. In 2015 Taupage which was selling well, was integrated into other private brands to slim down the brand portfolio. Taupage shoes are still sold on second hand platforms. 

Female shoe brand




The outdoor boom hit Germany in 2012 and at Zalando we created an own outdoor brand named Sagarmatha. For several reasons the brand stayed online only for a few months. Some traces of the brand are still to be found in the web. 



In 2011 we built a life style brand for board sports including performance clothing, like snowboard jackets. 

Zalando Brands


During my time I also created several Zalando brands, like Zalando Performance, Zalando Sports, Zalando Essentials, Zalando Home and Calando. We also created Zalando Collection. Today of all Zalando branded brands, only Zalando Essential is still online.

Kids Brand


In total we developed three kids brands. Fullstop was the only brand where we already had the brand name, but needed to rework the full CI to match kids products.   

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