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Working at ZOZO we had to think of a way to distribute the measurement suits to potential consumers that are really interested in the idea of customized clothing and want to join the ZOZO mission for a "size free world". 2018 I came up with a guerrilla marketing idea that I called "Cut the size tag".
The idea was simple: Use a public space with high traffic to ask people to join the “size free movement" by cutting out the size-tag of their clothes in exchange for a ZOZOSUIT. The size labels would then have been used directly on the spot to create a piece of street artwork around the topic, e.g. #sizefree or #unsize, showing the volume of people who want to join.
The whole development of the artwork and people exchanging size-tags for ZOZOSUITS would have been taped in a time lapse content video and distributed on various social media platforms later. Public spots like Alexanderplatz, Times Square, Piccadilly Circus, Venice Beach (...) were planned.



2. say yes to MAN kind

On the quest for more awareness in Germany for a male fast fashion brand I pitched the "say yes to MANkind" campaign idea. It was the spring of 2015 and all media in Europe were focused on the immigration wave coming from Syria and North Africa. Boarders in Greece were overwhelmed trying to build camps, and trains full of mostly young male refugees arrived almost daily in German cities.

The campaign idea was born: In my eyes this was the perfect timing (summer 2015) for this brand to set a campaign as a statement for its future customers and current ones, welcoming them among all the other males with humanity in Europe/ Germany, and using a play of words, showing a humane act of kindness and positioning the brand as open-minded and global (mankind = all of humanity/ MAN= as the brand was just for men).
The effect I would have expected would have been similar to the one that Katjes got 2018 for their campaign with the Hijab. A public discussion could have been started in media on the meaning and the message that the brand puts out there, which would have resulted in a large social media echo and increasing awareness, not just in Germany but in whole Europe.

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There was a brand launched in 2013 as a sophisticated brand for young professionals. We wanted to add a twist to the brand, something that would differentiate the brand up from all the Esprits and Marco Polos out there. I might have gone a little bit over the demand, but I still wish we could have done it.
The brand would have gotten a twist by adding a dating/ matching functionality (or partnered with a dating platform): The customer opens a normal shopping account, but in addition, if he or she wants, there is an add on for a dating functionality. Both can browse/ swipe the collection and mark items they like for the other gender (or which gender they prefer romantically). If the items they liked get bought by someone within their range (age and distance), the order confirmation contains a link to the profile so they can start chatting. Tag line: Fall in love with "our brand".

It was thought as a small add on, but it would have changed the whole communication possibilities and PR relevance: Fall in love with "our brand" and never wonder what to wear on the first date, because your date picked it for you.    




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