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In 2016 /2017 I developed the branded sneaker corner for mirapodo, which is a part of MyToys GmbH, as a freelancer.

I was responsible for the project from the brand concept up to the brand name. The lovely logo and CI guideline were developed together with CharlotteKerstin laid down the foundation to work with influencers. After 18 months on the project and 4 month after the launch in summer 2017 I handed it over to Stephanie and the internal team. She elevated the look and feel to the great branded shop we can see today. 


Brand positioning and logo.

Going from an idea to an actual brand requires a deep dive into the strategic purpose, the target group, the creative  approach down to an actual brand name. Does it fit the target group? Are we able to register it? Is there a free domain we can buy?  Finally you can create a logo. The art direction for the logo and CI were done by Charlotte


Brand Identity and WEBSITE.

We started mobile first and enriched the PDP by real background. Further we focused on product first and a playful , visually strong but flexible, CI. Many images were animated to distinguish the sneakery from the mother brand. 

Campaign and Marketing.


The first campaign was named "Sneakers are multi talents - just like you" and was aimed at young hip moms in sneakers. Together with Kerstin, we kicked of the campaign by working with multi talented moms as influencers: Melodie Michelberger, Lisa from LebeBerlin and Linda from lookslikeberlin.

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