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Hi! I am Doris and I help companies of every size in the FMCG field to find their best brand strategy, especially when they launch new products and are unsure about how to brand them. 


I guide companies thru the process of developing new brands, re-position their existing brands, (re-)launch brands, localize brands and define marketing strategies that help strengthen the brand position in the digital era.


I work flexibly and agile, which means I can either sit in your office and lead your team during the project, lead workshops or work remotely from the background and simply deliver analyses & results. I am located in Berlin, but also to be found in Nuremberg, Düsseldorf and Hamburg.  


With me, you can book a brand expert for as long as you need one. Simply contact me to find out if I fit to your project and what sugar concepts can do for you. 

Selected Clients


Circleback GmbH

Circulee GmbH

Deutsche Kleiderstiftung

Deutsche Rote Kreuz 

GreenCircle GmbH

kollex GmbH

momox GmbH

mula GmbH

The Morph Company

MyToys GmbH

Vinokilo (Darpdecade GmbH & Co. KG)

zozo Inc


About Me


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