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At JACK & JONES I worked at the HQ in Denmark where I was mainly responsible for strategic marketing which meant changing a retail and online driven company to omnichannel thinking and acting. We changed thinking "windows first" to "digital first". In this process we implemented a campaign structure that could execute also smaller local campaigns in the online shop in short time. The campaign shown below was a campaign that started with a personal relationship between the Bestseller founder and the race car driver Kevin Magnussen and was transformed to a campaign with a deeper message, a story that this friendship was based on from the beginning. It just needed to be told. 




In 2013 Kevin Magnussen entered the Formula 1 again after being fired some years ago on his birthday. To celebrate his dedication to the sport and the connection to JACK & JONES, Anders Holch Paulson engaged into a sponsorship. We created a full campaign for the reveal of the Renault Sports Formula One Car. We built in a sprint a JACK & JONES racing campaign page. 

act 2 the ZOZOSUIT

For the upcoming campaign we used Kevin as hero model for all 5 sub-brands of Jack & Jones. We also created some merchandise products with Renault.



Renault Sport Formula One - An exclusive racetrack edition T-shirt

Renault Sport Formula One - An exclusive racetrack edition T-shirt

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In order to make a motorsport cooperation relevant to more customers we extended the campaign on a holistic level from store windows to social media. We called all young men to take their chance to go for greatness and chose four more role models from different career fields to share their story and style not just in campaign images but in an instagram takeover:

Football player Kasper Schmeichel  

Formula 1 Pilot Kevin Magnussen

Fashion Blogger Marcel Floruss

Singer Yo Preston 

and BMX Bike Performer Chris Böhm