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At JACK & JONES I worked at the HQ in Denmark where I was mainly responsible for strategic marketing which meant changing a retail and online driven company to omnichannel thinking and acting. We changed thinking "windows first" to "digital first". In this process we implemented a campaign structure that could execute also smaller local campaigns in the online shop in short time. The campaign shown below was a campaign that started with a personal relationship between the Bestseller founder and the race car driver Kevin Magnussen and was transformed to a campaign with a deeper message, a story that this friendship was based on from the beginning. It just needed to be told. 




In 2013 Kevin Magnussen entered the Formula 1 again after being fired some years ago on his birthday. To celebrate his dedication to the sport and the connection to JACK & JONES, Anders Holch Paulson engaged into a sponsorship. We created a full campaign for the reveal of the Renault Sports Formula One Car. We built in a sprint a JACK & JONES racing campaign page. 

act 2 the ZOZOSUIT

For the upcoming campaign we used Kevin as hero model for all 5 sub-brands of Jack & Jones. We also created some merchandise products with Renault.