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So let me properly introduce myself, with my vita, my values and my interests. 
(Do not feel obligated to read it all, but I feel transparency goes a long way.)

My values
Work ethics

I carefully select my clients

I don't work for companies that are against my beliefs or even harmful to their surroundings. I recently was visiting a potential client who showed me his new brand position and values, which were quite impressive. When I ask if these values where also implemented at the company, he said: No, not really, it's just for marketing. I parted after the meeting.

I stay close to my clients and solve their problems

I know that sometimes freelancers need too much "babysitting" in order to keep them aligned on a daily basis. My solution is to work inhouse for my clients during projects whenever it makes sense: I communicate directly with important internal and stakeholders in order to understand your brand and solve your problem, while making sure that communication between me and you is not ending up to be the biggest position on the invoice.

I am flexible

In the past years I was involved in various projects as a freelancer or in full time positions. I am open to doing interim positions which involve me staying in your team for a longer time period. If this is enriching the project I am up for it. 

I value the whole picture

Having good concepts is nice but excellence lies in the implementation. In the end good implementation is what makes a concept a success. So I am pragmatic in taking decisions but love details in the execution.

I am German with a hint of Berlin

I am raised in Franconia Germany. My family and friends lives all over Germany and Switzerland. Since 8 years I'm living in Berlin, but I am mostly traveling on weekends thru Europe and work on projects in different cities. I value the average German consumers as much as I value the hip Berlin based trends that sometimes nobody understands outside of Berlin. I know both and I am good to distinguish between them and decide when what is needed.

My nature is project based

My mind works best in project mode. I give a project all it needs, at the time it is needed. I only take on projects when I feel I can do them better than anyone else. I push projects until the moment they succeed or get canceled. 


Doris Schoger.JPG

09.2016 - present

Brand STRATEGIST and Strategic Marketing Consultant   


03.2021 - 08.2022

Interim CMO

Circleback GmbH

10.2017 - 05.2019

Head of Brand Marketing and Communication and Sr. Brand Manager  


04.2014 - 08.2016

Strategic Marketing Responsible and Campaign & Project Responsible

Bestseller SE

08.2011 -03.2014

Brand Manager
PrivatE brands 

Zalando SE

09.2005 -06.2010

Magister Artium in Sociology and Economics 

Friedrich-Alexander University

My super powers


I am all about the  Secondhand industry. 

ReCommerce became my passion. Visit my other Website Rebound Stuff.


I am all about Start Up. I don´t just like working with them, I also had my own Start Up. You will always get the one or another idea and hack for free!


I am all about fashion. Besides that I am open to all companies, my most work experiences are in the fashion industry.  

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